Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine: Picture Thieves…?

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UPDATE  August 31 2012: Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine (Key Media Pty ltd)  KEYMEDIA and KMIMEDIA have taken ZERO responsibility for their deplorable actions as thieves. It’s now been a week since I discoverred they stole my image and published it online without any authorization. They’ve only attempted to cover their tracks once they got caught. The have not replied to any of my emails, tweets or communications on their web site and Facebook page. They even blocked me on all their related Facebook pages. They’ve hung up the phone on me or simply did not return phone calls. One should truly think twice before taking Real Estate advice in Canada and around the world from these people. If they can behave like such thieve’s without remorse, I’m curious to find out how many of their subscribers have had their credit card information ripped off???

PDF DOCUMENT of entire web page with the stolen image:

Image Stolen by Keymedia's / KMIMedia's Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine

Image Stolen by Keymedia’s / KMIMedia’s Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine

I woke up this morning to find out that a magazine has stolen one of my images for their online page on an article entitled: “CIBC: the sky is not falling, investors”. The picture is of a Canada Goose staring up at the Sky.

The image was originally used in one of my Blogs: The sky is falling! and can be found on my Photo Gallery @

Although I find the image very fitting I’m appalled that it’s being used for commercial purposes by an entity that appears to be able to pay for images. This is not a blogger, they are a true commercial entity printing and selling magazines. From the website it appears that (Australian Company Key Media Pty ltd) KMIMEDIA and KEYMEDIA are the driving force behind the magazine. No one from Key Media, KMI Media or Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine ever attempted to contact me regarding the commercial use of this image.

I emailed everyone on the contact list and naturally no answer. I believe they won’t take responsibility for their actions. They will simply change the picture, maybe even steal a new picture. They will then proceed by erasing my comments and ignoring me as if nothing ever happened. If this is the case I would be extremely weary of anything being published by (Key Media Pty ltd)  KEYMEDIA and KMIMEDIA.

UPDATE: Friday August 24 2012 8:30 AM PST – Key Media Pty ltd has since replaced the image to that of a woman, then deleted the article and republished it with today’s date, new link URL and a third image appearing to be an editorial CIBC image. Just has I had predicted they’ve just ignored me and acted as if they did nothing wrong. The article had been read 468 times and shared through Facebook along with the image by numerous individuals. TRUTH IS I BELIEVE THEY ARE UNSCRUPULOUS THIEVES AND COWARDS.

Since the image was used for commercial use to promote Real Estate Wealth I’m asking for a little token of gratitude, $12,500 USD. I believe that would be a fare price to pay for use of my image on their front page, article and Facebook Page. They also copied and stored the image on their local server.

According to the Web Site these are the two individuals who seem to be responsible in approving theft of images for their online content. The original article was marked as published by Editorial…

Editor: Nila Sweeney
Associate Online Editor: Vernon Clement Jones

I’ll take a look and make sure they’re not printing the image.

Image Stolen by Keymedia’s / KMIMedia’s Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine

Image Stolen by Keymedia’s / KMIMedia’s Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine



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7 thoughts on “Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine: Picture Thieves…?

  1. Photo Theft / Vol de photo : Canadian Real Estate Wealth MagazineJe souhaite que tu aies gain de cause dans ce cas, il y a des règles sur la propriété intellectuelle et tous se doivent de les respecter. Bonne chance et reviens-nous avec les résultats de ta plainte.

  2. Photo Theft / Vol de photo : Canadian Real Estate Wealth MagazineEvery day I become more and more cynacle towards people. People do things knowing full well that they are doing something illegal or morally wrong! A real Estate company can afford to pay for their advertisement….
    Is there anything you can do?

  3. Photo Theft / Vol de photo : Canadian Real Estate Wealth MagazineGood thing you got a screen shot before they deleted it, I tried the link you had on FB and of course, it didn’t work. Just because something is on the internet doesn’t mean they can steal it. Did they crop out the watermark?

    Seen in my contacts’ photos. ( ?² )

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