The sky is falling!

Photographing a Canada Goose can get very mundane for a wildlife photographer. By the end of Spring the abundant numbers of these large and vocal birds make photography less than challenging. We can however not resist the temptation as we get excited to see them arrive early Spring year after year. Although I try hard not to publish too many photos of Canada Geese, I found this one way too amusing to keep for myself. MORE CANADA GOOSE PHOTOS ON WWW.TROLETTIPHOTO.COM I observed her on her nest staring into the heavens with what seemed to be a look of worry. The Chicken Little story, claiming the Sky is falling, immediately came to mind. When I proofed my photos the result was better than I had expected. I quickly searched for the phrase “The Sky is Falling” and found plenty of renditions of the old fable including a little fact I Continue reading